Sewage Angels



"Sewage Angels"

edition of 4 original

hand-pulled silkscreen prints

image size: 21" x 22 1/2"

paper size: 22 1/4" x 30"



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Sewage Angels

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These original hand-pulled silkscreen prints were created reductively using a block-out technique which produced thick layers of ink, giving the work the rich qualities of paintings. Printed on acid-free arches paper.


We would like to present the following poem generously shared by a close friend of ours:



Water drips
Against porcelain sides.
It seems to echo.
A dog barks at the wind
far away but still within earshot.
Someone is laughing.
Their voice rolls backward
down the street
like tumbleweed.

Farther out, still --
beyond earshot, there are
other dogs, other voices.
They mingle with the cars
and the sound of someone's
jack hammer.
They feed into air ducts
and the electrical systems,
entering into each home

camouflaged as the low hum
that assures inhabitants
that all systems are
operable. Even farther away --
way farther, in a place
we read they call the Amazon --
There is a waterfall
splashing thousands of tons of water.
It rushes down the side
of a mountain
and slams against earth and rock
like Odin's anvil.

I am waiting on gravity.
The forces that attract bodies
toward a center --
that mold and move and
recreate. Sometimes,
if I close my eyes,
I can hear it, like rolling thunder
moving closer.

poetry by Cathleen Cole


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