Alligator : SCI event poster for Gainesville, Fl. 11/19/00

Image copyright � 1997-2009 Dreaming Heart ArtWorks 
Poster Copyright SCI Gear, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.

String Cheese Incident event poster : Gainesville, Florida 11/19/00

Available from SCI Gear (click on Merch link, then posters)

(The design was digitally altered to add event info, color the background blue, and remove the friendly alien heads, which reportedly did not find favor with some folks (X File conspiracy ?). 
The alligator usage was influenced by our attendance at the SCI Halloween 98 show
where the band slunk onto the swamp-foggy stage wearing alligator heads, and kept 
them on thru the first song - very strange to see ! )


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Copyright � 1997-2009 Dreaming Heart ArtWorks *
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