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 Autumn 2009:

August's End

Hello from Elizabeth and Jim Lyle at Dreaming Heart Artworks!

Due to increasing merchant and security audit expenses we closed our online store, but continue to exhibit Elizabeth's work in our online gallery.

Elizabeth's oil paintings with subjects inspired by our mountain homestead's natural beauty here: August's End, October's Gold, Anima Spirit. and Sugar Camp Branch #1.

 If you enjoy goddess-art, check out  Elizabeth's hand-made prints !

You can view our inventory of available original artworks and prints and email us.

We still display many of Elizabeth's designs for the jamband music industry, including several for the band The String Cheese Incident, and the stage backdrop for The Little Turniptown Overnight Music Jam at commercial designs

The guestbook script we used previously does not work in this hosting environment, and we have yet to replace it with a new script. Email still works though!


Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Dance



October's Gold


Earth Dreams


Goddess Cove

Rebirth Cycle

Rebirth Cycle

Mountain SunShine

Mountain SunShine


Additional poetry  from Cathleen Cole Johnstone can be found at the Ship Of Fools , Cosmic Dance,   and Sewage Angels pages.


Click on any image to visit the associated gallery. Keep in mind that compressed jpeg image files are required for reasonable download times but lose much of the fine detail in the originals. To best experience these images in the manner we strive to present, use true-color (24 bit) monitor settings and dim the lights in your viewing room.

Fine Art Prints

signed & numbered


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