UnderWater DayDream


"UnderWater DayDream"


image size: 14 1/4" x 20"


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19" x 13" Archival Matte paper
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UnderWater DayDream

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Elizabeth's words about "UnderWater DayDream"

"My latest painting is less about meaning and is more simply a painted tapestry of patterns and color relationships.  I chose to depict an other-worldly underwater scene using only plant and animal/ fish life, representations of lifeforms that exist in every corner of the globe.  My psychedelically enhanced seahorse, and its oversized "ghost", bob among seaweed tendrils anchored to the glistening coral.*     I added glittery gold crystals to my watercolor paint to reflect the real magic glitter of ocean and sand.  My limited experience of snorkeling, in exotic tropical waters while on honeymoon with Jim, opened my eyes to a whole new world filled with amazing colors and unearthly sea-creatures: limitless inspiration for the imagination!"

*(Did you know that the seahorse species is unique for the male sex to give birth to live babies?  The female seahorse impregnates the male with her egg, he carries them to term in his pouch!)

This painting was created on acid-free french watercolor block paper. In recent years, Elizabeth has favored watercolor paint for creating psychedelic imagery because of its intense jewel-tone color range, glowing transparency, and non-toxic nature.


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