Faces Of Time

"Faces Of Time"


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Faces Of Time

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Faces Of Time

Artist�s words:

The big, smiling mouth of a Living �Tree of Life�, with sad eyes, greets us from between face-capped breasts, which comprise the hourglass shape. Some critters and birds inhabit its strong branches. I painted representations of many creatures (my buddies) who visit me regularly in this region: cardinals, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, the large red-headed woodpeckers, and families of rascally squirrels. A large black crow is perched on top, a dark shadow in the brightness of Day. A full moon heralds the Night sky to the left (where a Night creature, the Owl, also rests, lower in the Tree). An underground world of Elves, peering eyes, insect fairies, lizards, and a Sleeping Beauty exist among the Tree�s roots. The large Sun rises behind the center of it all signaling Life�s source of growth and Time�s evolutions. A patterned frame of facial profiles moves clock-wise around the whole, earthy scene. �Faces of Time� is about the �Nature� of Time, which is ambiguously open to endless philosophical pondering.

Elizabeth Lyle
January 2001

This painting was created on acid-free french watercolor block paper. In recent years, Elizabeth has favored watercolor paint for creating psychedelic imagery because of its intense jewel-tone color range, glowing transparency, and non-toxic nature.


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